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It takes more then just linguistic knowledge to become a good translator. Translating towards ones mother tongue (the essential requirement) is not always a piece of cake! It presumes a good comprehension of the source text, that often has to be interpreted in order to reveal the differences of meanings. Italian is a very rich language, where one word may have ten different meanings. Therefore a good translator must have excellent knowledge of the topic that's being dealt with, any cultural differencies must be neutralised, and last, but not least, the text must be fluent - it shouldn't "smell "translation" of the product the client receives... A translator builds bridges between two countries, intertwines contacts and will inevitably put his/hers influence on the text - even if this should be done so discrete and imperceptible as possible. A good translation is a text the reader thinks is written directly in the language he/she reads it in. This is my final goal, also thanks to a graduate certified engineer who is my proof reader in Norway.
My main fields are technical translations and interpreting generally.
Berit Ness Johnsen


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